From the creators of Easy IceCream and Maffunz is born

a brand new animated project for young and adults!

what is maffunz


Maffunz are a family of characters, hero of a cartoon designed by Fabio Prestini with Stepat srl, communication agency by Stefano Calvo, Patrick Lardo and Cristina Pievani.
This cartoon is set in a fantasy city: Maffunz City, founded long time ago by the first Maffunz.






maffunz story

In Maffunz City streets are greaseproof paper made and in the rivers flows blueberry juice, grass and trees are sugar paste made, the sun wears sunglasses and mustache, the moon wears beauty mask and night cap.
Maffunz have passions and dreams, like us, and they meet many hitches along their journey, that every character overcome in a different way.
Starting from these characters, we created a familiy of products to satisfy the taste of everyone: 6 Maffunz, with a different color and taste.
Maffunz come alive with amazing and funny stories, through
cartoons and comics.

Maffunz Educational

Maffunz è un prodotto unico nel suo genere: ogni personaggio ha un valore sociale ed educativo, nasce dalle linee e dai colori e si anima grazie a simpatiche storie.
Maffunz is a product that aims to involve young and adults 360°, by giving them the chance to create their own stories and entertaining them with engaging contests and peculiar gadgets.
Maffunz represents real life of everyone of us, with emotions, targets and feelings.
Mett Maffunz, taste him in all the declinations and discover to need him!



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